Our People

Auckland Based Team


Dr John Phillips

Principal Investigator and MCC Co-founder

Email: j.phillips@auckland.ac.nz

Research interests: Human myopia; animal models of myopia and emmetropisation; refractive development of vertebrate and invertebrate eyes; the sclera in myopia; methods for inhibiting the progression of myopia in children.


Dr Philip Turnbull

Lecturer and MCC Co-founder

Email: p.turnbull@auckland.ac.nz

Research interests: translational myopia treatments; evolutionary biology; myopia progression, cephalopod vision; evolution of the eye; choroidal perfusion; age related macular degeneration; psychophysics, virtual reality, eye tracking and movements


Dr Andrew Collins

Research Optometrist and School of Optometry and Vision Science Academic Director

Email: a.collins@auckland.ac.nz

Research interests: Human myopia; animal models of myopia and emmetropisation; epidemiology of refractive error light exposure and refractive development; human visual function and adaptation.


Dr Safal Khanal

PhD Candidate

Email: s.khanal@auckland.ac.nz

Research interests: Choroidal blood flow, Ocular Imaging with OCT and MRI, Myopia, Glaucoma, Visual Psychophysics.


International Collaborators and Alumni